“Does this further my top-level goal? If I put every small decision to that test, I keep my priorities in order.” –A. Duckworth

Prioritizing daily life, is daily life for me. Organized and meticulous from a young age, military trained, organization, attention to detail, and time management has been ingrained in me. Arrangement, coordination, and management allow for a certain level of comfortability in my life.  What time will I get up tomorrow? What are the most important tasks to tackle today? What has to be done immediately? What will I accomplish today to contribute to the overall mission and goals I have set for my future? These daily stresses surround my life but I am at peace because God has a larger plan in store for my life. Planning is crucial, planning is what makes you successful, releasing that responsibility, recognizing the Lords path, and trusting in Him is the crucial aspect to life.

My mission is to serve others, drive success, and follow the plan of the Lord.  To serve others is to bring joy into one’s life. Whether service in business or success in personal being, I believe we are to positively influence those around us. To drive success is to motivate and to teach others those same tools to succeed. Learn from your mistakes, learn from your success, and create opportunities to teach others and be successful. Your plan may not be the plan that is truly intended for you. Trust in His plan.

The vision I have for my life is to be successful. Successful in my career and successful in being all I can be for my family. My life has been filled with so much joy and experience thus far, that my vision remains simple, success and pride in my family.

My ideal job would be to own a sustainable business of my own. Operating in the top chairs of the company, assembling a qualified staff, taking care of my employees and bringing an innovative product to market. Practicing business brings joy to my life, I know it is where I am meant to be.

Job title, family life, residence, 5-10 years:

Operations Manager: 1 year – Complete my bachelor’s degree at PLNU while maintaining a management position in my current field, follow on master’s degree in business or second degree in accounting to later utilize in my business practices

Owner: 2-5 years – In the next 2-5 years I would like to see my company reach a financially stable position where I can pay my bills, my employees, and myself.

CEO: 5 years – In 5-10 years I would like to reach a position either in my own company, or another company where high level decisions rest on my shoulders, I am looking for that type of higher responsibility. Financial security achieved at this point.

Retired: 10 years – In a perfect world, selling a company that I started before the age of 45 would be ideal. Using that income to boost any of my other business and secure my personal financials. I would love to spend half of my day at the beach surfing and the other half in the office.

3 Values:

  • Loyalty– Loyal in every aspect of my life. Loyal to God, loyal to my family, and loyal to the people I conduct business and friendships with on a daily basis.
  • Consistency– I wish and promise to remain consistent every day. To strive for greatness and remain consistent in every decision I make.
  • Growth– Personal and spiritual growth is crucial to a successful life. Growth in relationships, growth in your relationship with the Lord.
  • Honesty– To remain honest always, honest to my family, honest with God, honest in business, and most importantly, honest with myself. I want to remain honest and have the reputation of a trustworthy person.

 Measurable goals:

  • Own a sustainable business
  • Recognized in my career
  • Challenging, motivating job
  • Break tax bracket of my parents
  • Established local/international networks
  • Involved in network of business
  • Healthy
  • Family with values and true love and affection for one another
  • Making my wife proud, happy
  • Close relationship with God


Every day I strive to be the best man I can be. To be honest, to be loyal, to be consistent, these are the aspects of my life that will bring me the success I desire in life. To go out and get after it and sometimes it is hard to follow a plan that you cannot see. It is however, easy to trust in the fact there is a path the Lord has carved out for my life. When life gets hard, when it is hard to see where my path is headed, I sit back and rest assured that there is a special plan out the for me. A plan tailored specifically for me, a plan that will bring my best qualities into the lives of others and the people around me. The plan may be small, my whole life may be intended for one small moment, a moment that may have an affect I am not aware of. Being a Christian makes my life easy. I know I am headed exactly where I need to be.